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Business Russian tutoring

Business Russian Tutoring

Russian for business professionals


Russian is one of the biggest languages in the world, boasting around 150 million native speakers and an additional 110 million second-language speakers. Russia’s size and prominence make it an important business opportunity for professionals around the world, but it can only be fully unlocked with Russian language skills. The expert tutors at will provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed in the Russian business world, helping you with everything from pitches, negotiations, and marketing to accounting, regulations, and legal matters.


Specialized business vocabulary

Business Russian doesn’t call for a giant vocabulary—a narrow range of specific words and phrases is sufficient. We can help you learn the Russian terms for sales, marketing, accounting, or any other business area, regardless of the industry.


Russian for business success

Our one-on-one private tutors will help you meet your business goals in Russian, whether you want to send business emails, negotiate, or participate in business meetings. Given the large number of English loanwords in the Russian business world, the task may be even easier than you envision. The key ingredients to business Russian are a fundamental understanding of Russian grammar, key business terms, and a bit of time and patience.


Russian to boost your career prospects

Although the Western market is largely oversaturated, the markets of Russia and the other former USSR states are fresh territory waiting for ambitious expatriates to capitalize on them.  However, the English proficiency is remarkably low in these countries, which are ranked as “low” or “very low” on the EF English Proficiency Index. If you want to enter the Russian business scene, you’ll have to speak Russian.

Besides, no matter what your career is, Russian on your resume never hurts.


Online Russian lessons

We offer private, personalized online Russian lessons tailored perfectly to your needs and situation. We work with learners of all levels to teach them what they specifically need to succeed in the Russian business world, whether it’s grammar, vocabulary, speaking practice, or cultural business norms. We’ll make sure the content in our Russian lessons is relevant and practical for you.


Deepen your Russian knowledge

While you don’t require overly deep language skills to successfully conduct business in Russia, more profound linguistic and cultural knowledge will still benefit you. If you would like to deepen your Russian knowledge beyond the business world, we’ll work with you to achieve whatever goals you have and to help you strive toward fluency.

We listen to and routinely implement feedback from students to offer the most effective Russian lessons possible, keeping our techniques and content cutting-edge and relevant. Don’t hesitate to tell us your suggestions for improvement—we can change our approach to best suit you.


Who is our course for?

Our lessons are available to anyone doing business in Russia, cooperating with Russian business partners, targeting Russian clientele, or working with Russian staff.


We’ll give you the linguistic and cultural skills and knowledge to succeed in the Russian business world, as well as the confidence to effectively apply them.

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