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Cultural training

Cultural Training

Master the Russian business scene

Planning to do business in Russia? Work extensively with Russian partners? Have a lot of Russian colleagues or staff? Russia is a unique country with its own business culture, and working with Russians can be difficult if you don’t understand the culture. But don’t worry— offers cultural training consulting to help you navigate the Russian business scene.

Why do business in Russia?

Russia is the world’s largest country and home to over 140 million people. Ranking 12th in the world in terms of GDP, it boasts a wealth of natural resources and a recently established consumer economy. All this makes it a lucrative country to invest in or develop business ties with. With the right cultural knowledge, you can maximize the profitability of your business endeavors in Russia or with Russians.

Who is our Russian cultural training consultation ideal for?

Anyone who works with Russia in any way can benefit from our cultural training consultation. Whether you’re setting up a business in Russia, striking deals with Russian business partners or suppliers, targeting Russian consumers or clientele, or working with a lot of Russian colleagues or staff, knowing your way around the culture (or even learning the language!) can go a long way.

What can you get out of Russian cultural training consultation?

Our Russian tutors are experts in all things Russian, so they can answer any questions you have about Russian business culture. We’ll help you understand the perspective of your Russian business partners, including why they don’t return your smile. We’ll give you insights to help you appeal to Russian consumers. We’ll teach you tips and tricks to maximize efficiency in the Russian business scene and achieve long-lasting results. Best of all, since it’s a consultation, not a class, the focus is all on you, tailored to your specific needs.

What kind of content do we cover in Russian cultural training?


Since the content is entirely tailored to your needs, we can cover whatever you want. We can give you an overview of Russia, including the history, politics, and economy, to help you understand the background before diving into the culture, including the beliefs, customs, religion, and language.


We can teach you the values and attitudes Russians hold in business contexts, and we can familiarize you with Russian work, communication, and negotiation styles. We can tell you about the challenges of doing business in Russia and the respective solutions to them. We can also teach you basic, essential phrases in Russian—or just teach you the entire language over time, if you prefer.

Ready for your Russian cultural training consultation?

If you’re ready to take your Russian business dealings to the next level, we’re ready to help you. Just reach out to us today, and we’ll get you set up with one of our Russian experts.

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