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6 Ways to Enhance Your TORFL Test Results

To do well in the TORFL test, you’ll need excellent all-round Russian skills, and the higher levels can be extremely difficult. However, if you order coaching from an expert tutor, you can go into the exam with the extra confidence that comes with knowing exactly what the requirements are and how you measure up. Below, we’ll present six ways of improving your TORFL test chances.

1. Practice as Frequently as You Can

Your tutor is your most valuable asset in the TORFL test preparation process. They know the test, know the marking criteria, and have the Russian language expertise and teaching prowess that will get the best out of you. The amount of time you’re able to spend with your tutor will be a crucial factor when it comes to your performance in the final exam.

2. Practice with Genuine TORFL Material

Sample TORFL exam material is another crucial asset, one that your tutor will be able to help you to make the most of. With them acting as examiner, you’ll be able to take practice exams to make sure you've fully prepared.

3. Don’t Have an Achilles Heel

TORFL retakes can be expensive and time-consuming, delaying your plans. Passing the whole exam the first time is perfectly achievable, as long as you don’t avoid working on your weak spots. If you find that, for example, you feel reluctant about speaking and are much more confident with written tasks, then speaking is the exact area in which you need to spend the most time practicing with your tutor.

4. Make Sure You Can Handle the Exam Conditions

Before you go into the TORFL test, you need to make an honest assessment of your own ability to handle exam conditions. If you know that exams intimidate you and can have an inhibiting effect on your natural skills, you need to come up with a strategy for handling that stress; some people take familiar objects with them into written exams to make themselves feel more at home. You can also familiarize yourself with exam conditions by reproducing them at home when you’re practicing.

5. Prepare Physically for the Exam

The condition of your body has a direct influence on your state of mind. To make sure that all your skills are at their sharpest on exam day, make sure that you arrive rested, well-fed (but not overfed!), and wearing fresh, comfortable clothes. Seemingly minor details such as this can have a surprising impact on your performance.

6. Do Daily Revision Sessions

Even if you can’t practice with your tutor every day, spend at least 20 to 30 minutes looking at practice material, making notes or just practicing your Russian alone or with a friend. This will keep your skills sharp and your memory fresh.

What Are You Waiting For?

Preparing for the TORFL test takes time, and if you have plans that depend on gaining the certificate, then there’s none to waste. The sooner you’re ready, the sooner you can pass the test and start applying to Russian schools, universities, and companies. Don’t delay: start practicing the TORFL with your tutor as soon as possible!

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