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Get Acquainted in Russian: How to Make New Friends

Being able to communicate with others is the main reason for learning a new language. Therefore, in this post, we look at useful Russian words and phrases for meeting people and making new friends in a variety of settings and situations.

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Make New Friends Using Russian

So, how do you approach an unknown person? Just say,

  • Давайте познакомимся. (Davaite poznakomimsya.) – Let’s get to know each other.

You can say this in a formal situation or to any person you don’t know. It can also be a question:

  • Можно с вами познакомиться? (Mozhno s vami poznakomit’sya?) – I’d like to get to know you. May I?

In an informal situation, use the easier phrase:

  • Давай познакомимся. (Davai poznakomimsya.) – Let’s get to know each other.

You can also start a conversation with a stranger by asking his or her name. In an informal situation or when talking to a person of your age, say

  • Привет. Как тебя зовут? (Privet. Kak tebya zovut?) – Hi. What’s your name?

If you’re already talking to a person and feel that it’s time to introduce yourself, you can say,

  • Будем знакомы. Меня зовут Александр. (Budem znakomy. Menya zovut Aleksandr.) – Nice to meet you. My name is Alexander.

How to Reply to Russian Conversation Openers

If someone has introduced themselves to you, you can choose from several responses. Look at an example of a typical dialogue between two people who have just met.

First person: Давайте познакомимся. (Davaite poznakomimsya.) – Let’s get to know each other.

Second person: Давайте. (Davaite.) – OK.

First person: Меня зовут Александр. А вас? (Menya zovut Aleksandr. A vas?) – My name is Alexander. And what is your name?

Second person: Елена. (Elena.) – My name is Helen.

First person: Очень приятно. (Ochen’ priyatno.) – Nice to meet you.

Second person: Взаимно. (Vzaimno.) – I’m glad to meet you too.

This is a typical dialogue between people who have just met in a formal situation. What happens if the situation is informal?

First person: Привет. Как дела? Давай знакомиться. Меня зовут Саша. (Privet. Kak dela? Davai znakomit’sya. Menya zovut Sasha.) – Hi. How are you? Let’s get to know each other. My name is Sasha.

Second person: Привет. Хорошо. Давай. А меня Лена. (Privet. Khorosho. Davai. A menya Lena.) – Hi. I’m fine, thank you. Ok. My name is Lena.

While these phrases are common when meeting someone in social situations, friendships are often built on chance encounters. For example, you might meet someone by offering help or asking them a question:

  • Могу я помочь вам? (Mogu ya pomoch’ vam?) – May I help you?

  • Извините, вы не подскажете… (Izvinite, vy ne podskazhete…) – Excuse me, could you tell me…

Useful Vocabulary for Getting Acquainted

The following words and phrases are useful when you get acquainted with others in Russian:

  • Друг (drug) – a friend

  • Подруга (podruga) – a girlfriend

  • Познакомиться с кем-то (poznakomit’sya s kem-to) – to get to know someone

  • Подружиться с кем-то (podruzhit’sya s kem-to) – to make friends with someone

  • Заводить друзей (zavodit’ druzei) – to make friends

  • Давайте перейдем на “ты”? (Davaite pereidyom na “ty”) – Call me … (first name).

Practice Your Russian Vocabulary with a Tutor

Learning Russian requires more than memorizing rules and words. It is about communicating. Study the vocabulary and use it as soon as possible. If you don’t have the opportunity to practice the new words and phrases you learn, speak Russian with our tutors to fine-tune your pronunciation and understanding.

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