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TORFL tutoring services

TORFL Tutoring Services

Can you pass the TORFL exam?

How do you know if someone can speak Russian well? They’ve passed the TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) exam. The Russian government developed this exam as a way to objectively measure Russian proficiency, so language learners must pass this exam before being permitted to work in certain fields in Russia or study at Russian universities as a foreign student. The exam has six different levels, which focus on test-takers’ Russian skills in different areas, such as professional contexts, academia, and everyday conversation. The minimum passing grade is 66%. So, are you ready for the TORFL?


You’re ready for the TORFL if all of the following are true:

  • You have a high vocabulary level in Russian.

  • Your grasp on Russian grammar—yes, including case endings—is impeccable.

  • You can confidently carry on a spoken conversation in Russian.

  • You can confidently compose a coherent Russian essay.

  • You are familiar with the structure of the TORFL exam.

  • You know the expert tips and tricks for taking the TORFL exam.


If any of the above is not true, you’re probably not ready yet. But don’t worry—our highly experienced Russian tutors can guide you to success on the exam.’s phenomenal tutors know the ins and outs of the TORFL exam and are experts in the Russian language. They can identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop personalized lesson plans to focus on exactly what you need to propel you toward success on the TORFL.


The TORFL is comprehensive, covering all aspects of the Russian language, from vocabulary and grammar to written skills and verbal proficiency. Test-takers are examined in terms of their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Whether you’re in Russia to study, work, or live with a partner or family, you can take the exam to measure your proficiency. Some language lovers enjoy taking the test simply to measure their own progress, but passing the TORFL also affords applicants numerous benefits, including the following:

  1. The ability to enroll in a Russian university

  2. The ability to obtain a work permit in Russia

  3. The chance to become a citizen (passing the TORFL is one of the requirements of citizenship)


There are six proficiency levels in the TORFL, from beginner to near-native. Each level focuses on different types of Russian language skills to make sure applicants can properly navigate all the real-life situations they may encounter. The scoring takes into account various factors that can negatively affect applicants’ performance, allowing for some degree of leeway, but you must still be excellent by the standards of whichever level you’re aiming for.


If you have any questions about the TORFL exam, our passionate Russian tutors would be delighted to answer them. We’ll make sure you’re sufficiently informed, confident, and ready for the TORFL exam.


Why prepare for the TORFL exam with us?

We are a dedicated Russian tutoring service with vast experience helping Russian learners navigate Russian’s complex grammar. We’ve already helped countless learners demonstrate their high proficiency on the TORFL, allowing them to follow their dreams in Russia. Our online lessons mean you won’t have to waste time, money, and gas commuting to class, and our lessons are available at any time—whenever’s most convenient for you. We customize your learning plan based on your individual needs to make sure you’re truly ready for the TORFL exam.


If you’re looking to enroll in a Russian university, find a job in Russia, or become a Russian citizen, passing the TORFL is necessary. For maximum chances of success, allow us to help you prepare for this grueling test of language skills. We’ll teach you not only the test structure of the exam and tips and tricks for acing it but also the ins and outs of Russian grammar, working with you to improve your vocabulary, writing skills, and verbal communication skills. Our tutors help you not only pass the TORFL but also enhance your overall Russian language skills to enjoy a richer life in the Russian Federation.

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